Jonny Lang
Album Released

Wander This World

Lie To Me

Every time you read a story about Jonny Lang it will say the same things:

He started playing guitar at age 12 (or as old as14).
He grew up outside Fargo, North Dakota in Casselton.
His voice sounds like a seasoned blues singer and not a young man.
The word "kid" will be mentioned at least once.

Although he has accomplished amazing things in a very short time, the most important thing to me is his music. It's not fair to say that he is great for a person of his age. It is fair to say that he is great period!

I first saw and heard Jonny as the opening act for my longtime heroes The Rolling Stones in Oklahoma City. I had no idea of who he was except for a glowing recommendation for a lady that works in one of the local shopping malls. I had a pass to meet him before the show at a radio station event but I left when it was apparent that none of the Stones would drop buy. (I've been kicking myself ever since.) After his fist song my wife and I were hooked. We were lucky enough to see him again at the Aspen, Colorado Jazz festival and look forward to many great albums and shows in the future.

Keith Richards inspired me to pick up the guitar and I'm sure that years from now, Jonny will be there to keep me from putting it back down.



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