gogo elite traveller 4x4 wheel mobility scooter

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Posted by johndavis on 29/09/16 - 09:27 am NST
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GOGO Elite Traveller 4x4 wheel mobility scooter.

Brand New Pride GOGO Elite Traveller 4 wheel mobility scooter for sale. Never been used, right out of the box. Batteries are new too. 300lb weight capacity. This is cheapest price you'll find out there. Comes with charger and basket. Disassembles easily to fit in the backseat or trunk.
mobility chair, travel scooter, powerchair, power chair, motorized chair, wheelchair, The Go Go Elite Traveller 4 wheel scooter offers easy disassembly, a lightweight frame and the greater stability of four wheels on the ground. Versatile and easy to handle, the heaviest piece weighs only 32.5 lbs for loading in the car. The Elite Traveller 4-Wheel has straight handlebars, not the delta style tiller, and the charging port is located up on the tiller for easy access. Interchangeable blue or red color panels and 12 AH batteries are standard. The Elite Traveller features anti-tips on the back for extra security and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs

What Makes This Different
Choose the travel range that's best for you! The Elite Traveller is rated to travel up to 7.7 miles on a charge. Need a longer range for your daily activites? The optional 18AH battery pack gives users the ability to travel up to 14 miles with each charge.

100% Guarantee,

FDA Registered Company;johndavismedicalequipments

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel
Our Price: $750.00

phone; +1 312 724 5771

[email protected]

San Francisco 104 #6 San Gabriel Valley CA 94143.

Thank you!

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