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Posted by Danny on 20/11/15 - 12:44 pm NST
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Hi Kathy and Melody.  I am a Brave Girl from the first on line class and love love LOVED it and soooo appreciate the eetinsxon.  However, I didn't get to finish the last couple of weeks as life got CRAZY!  I could jump to Session 2 but i'd rather totally complete Session 1 and then jump into Session 2.  I remember seeing an email a while back that said there would be a discount for those of us that didn't quite complete our session but at the time I really thought that I could do it!  So here I am wanting to finish Session 1 and get every last drop of the goodness .are you still making that discount available?  If I could only finish it then I would feel more comfortable signing up for Session 2.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience.  God bless all the wonderful things that you ladies are doing.  You ARE making a difference one Brave Girl at a time!  Susan

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