Khattam Dot Com Family:
Aashish Tuladhar
Chief Executive/Chief Programmer
[email protected]
Mohan Duwal
Creative Director
[email protected]
Prajwol Mool
[email protected]
Sujin Shakya
Chief Advisor
[email protected]
Lokesh Bajracharya
Chief Graphics Developer
[email protected]
Mrs. Meele Rajbhandari
Promotional Manager/Advisor
[email protected]
Binay Raj Shrestha
[email protected]
Binay Lal Shrestha
[email protected]
Madan Duwal
[email protected]
Late. Nabin Rauniyar
Ex. Database Architect
[email protected]


Khattam Dot Com History:
We came up with the idea for this site with some wild concepts actually. We call it wild in the sense that we collected and displayed some irritating yet real accident pictures, really offensive to normal viewers, on web. We were looking for the self explanatory word for the site and found the word “Khattam” which means worst in Nepali.

It was February 2001, we were on the planning stage of the site, on March 2001 we finally registered the domain “Khattam Dot Com”. As we were not prepared to come up with our own web hosting space, we had no other alternate but to host our site on free hosting and run by redirecting it. As it was not working well to our level of satisfaction, we decided to get our own space.

As an important turn for our site on August 2001, we come over with our own space and started to work on it, to make it more popular, with the expectations to increase number of visitors in our site. We gradually removed those pictures and concept which was the main theme for our site at the beginning. We changed the pattern of our site with some new section and features. Slowly the site was turning into an entertainment or small portal site with different section like “Chat”, Ecard, “Friends'N'Dates” , “Free Email” etc. which we believe was a success.

Today our site is well known as the best “Ecard” site in Nepal. Our “Ecard” rocked not only the citizens of Nepal, but also large numbers of visitor from foreign countries round the world. Beside “Ecard”, “Friends'N'Dates” , “Email", “The glance” , “News”, “Quiz”, “Fashion”, “Celebrities”, “Wallpapers”, “Forum”, “Chat”, “Poll”, “Horoscope”, and "Face of the Day" we have other popular features like weekly "[email protected]" through which we give about 6-7 prizes a week ranging from CD,T-Shirt, Couple Lunch, Free Internet and other gifts.

You cannot find above major features in other Nepali Site as they requires a large number of viewers. We knew that we are One of the Best Site of Nepal as ranked by Most of the Nepali-Webmaster, had large number of viewers, while starting "Face of the Day", it was a great deal of risk to have viewers with potential to post their photo and other details, but we went ahead to do it, which was another great success.
Our Aim:
Our aim is obviously to serve our visitors with beautiful, meaningful and heart touching “Ecards” for every occasion, to express ones feeling. We also expect good result from our “Friends'N'Dates” section where the number of personal profile submission is increasing in large number. Overall, our aim is to maintain the visitors, maintain their level of satisfaction by providing them with all the possible features we can.
Special Thanks :
We would also like to thank Mr. Aroj Kunal from, Mr. Robin from, Mr. Shashi Dahal from, Mr.Satish Gaire From, Mr. Bidur Raj Joshi from, Mr. Sumeet from, Mr. Manish Shrestha from, Mr. Subrat from for their kind support towards us.

Finally, with most respect we would like to thank our valued visitors and well wishers for all their love and support.
We expect feedback and suggestion from you to make our site much better.

Thank you.